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What we accept

  • Clean, boneless venison.
  • Large pieces are fine.
  • Please bring your tag with you.
  • Fresh or frozen venison.
  • Fresh – venison can be placed in one bag.
  • Frozen – please place venison in smaller plastic bags (2 gallon) and flatten out.
    • It is very difficult to deal with an 80 pound chunk of frozen venison that is 3 feet across!

We do not accept

  • Ground venison
  • Silver
  • Fat
  • Dirty, hairy venison
  • Duck or Goose

What we do

  • We go through all venison to check for edibility, cleanliness, and freezer burn.
    • If we must clean your venison, a charge will be applied to your bill based upon time and labor involved in making it acceptable.
  • After venison is checked, it is vacuum-packaged and stored in the freezer until it is processed.
  • We reserve the right to reject any venison that is beyond meeting our high standards. IF WE WON’T EAT IT, WE WON’T KEEP IT!

Hams and Jerky

  • All venison should be boneless and in large chunks, UNLESS you are bringing in a hind quarter to be made into a ham or jerky.
    • In these cases, we prefer to bone out the hind quarter(s) to maximize usable meat.
  • Please cut the bones tight to the ham – we do not need the whole leg!
  • If you bring a bone-in hind quarter and do not use it for ham or jerky, a fee will be added to your bill.
  • Even though you are bringing in the hind quarter with the bone for hams and jerky, the meat MUST BE CLEAN! We do not want dirt or hair on the hind quarter.

Choosing a product

  • You can choose as many products as you like, as long as you put at least 2 pounds of venison into each product you choose.
  • On our price sheet, you will see an example of the finished weight of each product using 5 pounds of boneless venison for each item.
    • You do not need to choose products in increments of 5 pounds – this is just to help you in the planning process.
  • Your meat will be mixed with other people’s venison to allow you the most flexibility and variety when it comes to filling your freezer.


  • Your venison will be vacuum-packaged in approximate one-pound packages and frozen for your convenience.
  • Vacuum-packaging extends the product’s freezer shelf life.

Picking up

  • You will receive a phone call from us as soon as your order is ready.
  • Please do not call to inquire about the status of your order. We are just as anxious as you are to have it finished!
  • Please plan to pick up your order within one week of our call as our freezer space is limited.

How long will it take?

    • Despite our best efforts to accommodate all phases of our business, it takes months (many times 6-8) to process over 90,000 pounds of boneless venison into the quality products we produce.
    • Due to the time frame for producing your finished product, we vacuum seal all chunked venison when it comes in to preserve freshness.
    • In addition to processing venison, we continue to process our own beef and pork, run our farms, and sell our beef and pork through our retail meat store.
    • We have considered moving the venison through at a faster pace with a lot of part time help, but in our estimation, this would cause the product to suffer. Our current full-time staff is most capable of preparing products for you that meet our standards, so please be patient!
    • We always say we’d rather have you mad at us for having to wait than mad at us for ruining your venison.
    • Despite the wait, however, we are confident you will be pleased with your venison products when they are ready. We take great pride in producing excellent products that you will be happy to serve your family and friends.