Hours: Monday-Friday 8-5 and Saturday 8-Noon

Our retail store is open for business! Customers are welcome to come into the store to shop if you are wearing a mask. If you prefer, you can call and place an order over the phone and we will get the order around for you before you come. Please call ahead if you are looking for a specific item as we can’t guarantee that we will have everything in stock when you get here. If we are out of something, we can take an order for it and call you when we have your order ready.  We are making product and cutting meat every day, but we do sell out of certain items periodically.  The only items we have limits on are steaks, but our inventory is changing all the time so please check back regularly. We do have most of our regular meat packages made up in advance right now.  We do have a 6 steak limit per person as we sell out of those quickly.  We have a waiting list for sides of beef, but if you would like to be added to the list, please give us a call. Pork by the side can be ordered anytime.

Welcome to Wilson Beef Farms!

We pride ourselves on our superior quality meat products that we guarantee unconditionally. We invite you to visit our retail store to purchase our hormone free, dry-aged beef as well as our hormone free pork. If you’d like to make your trip quick and convenient, e-mail us or call in your order and we’ll have it ready for pick up when you arrive.

You’ll find Wilson Beef Farms on our 350 acre beef, pork and crop farm in a small community in Upstate New York. This is where we raise our own beef and pork and grow our own feed and that’s how we know what good beef and products really are! All of our fresh cuts of beef and pork are from our locally raised stock.

Down here on the farm we eat what we sell and we only eat what’s good. So we may not have hundreds of products like the big boys, but what we sell is like nothing you’ve had before!