Whole Hogs Are Available for Local Pickup Only

Pork Cutting Instructions Fax cutting instructions to: 607-545-6177 or email to Sales@WilsonBeefFarms.com.

The average cost of a whole hog, cut, wrapped, and frozen to your specifications is approximately $600.00. Hogs are sold by net weight. That means you are charged $4.59/lb. on the actual weight you take home. A whole hog will yield about 130 lbs. of meat. This includes smoked hams and bacons. The standard cut on a whole hog includes the following:

52 Pork Chops cut 3/4” thick
Loin Roast(s) You may select to leave some of your pork chops as roasts.
16 Pork Steaks
4 @ 3 lb. Bone-in Shoulder Roasts
2 Racks of Spareribs
30 lbs. of Sausage – Choose from Breakfast, Sweet Breakfast, Mild Italian, or Hot Italian in patties or links
Approximately 20 lbs. of Smoked or Fresh Ham cut into Roast(s) or Slices
10 lbs. of Bacon or Sidepork

Please call (607-545-8308 or 877-286-9706) to place your order. We will take your cutting instructions over the phone. If faxing your order is more convenient, just fill in our cutting instructions sheet and fax it to 607-545-6177. Please include a phone number where you can be reached during the day to confirm your order. Your order will be ready for pick up in one to two weeks. Thank you.

Price per lb.: $4.59

Available for Local Pickup Only – Please call to order

Prices Subject to Change