All Individual Cuts Are Available for Local Pickup Only

Beef Steaks

All of our steaks are dry-aged until they reach the tenderness, juiciness, and flavor you’re looking for. We strive to consistently give you our very, very best!

Beef Roasts

This is what home cooking is all about!  There’s nothing better than the aroma of a beef roast filling up the kitchen – just wait ‘til you taste it!

Ground Beef

Our ground beef, in 1 pound bulk packages or patties, is packed with old fashioned flavor and goodness that only comes from locally raised, dry-aged beef. It’s so good some consider it a delicacy!

Other Beef Cuts

Short Ribs, Stew, Briskets, Meaty Soup Bones, and more! We have what you’re craving!


Give our pork a try!  You will love the variety of cuts we have to choose from.

Pork Sausage

Patties or Links? Mild, Hot, Breakfast, Pepper & Onion – so many choices! They are great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Pork Roasts

Try some of our tasty recipes for pork roasts – they’re sure to please your hungry crowd!

Hot Dogs

Once you’ve tried our very own hot dogs, you’ll be back for more! Top quality meats and seasonings make them irresistible. They’re already a staple with our regular customers!


Try our hormone free chicken products that are sure to please your family!

Pamper Your Pet

Check out our “Bird Preferred” suet for your feathered friends and every type of bone imaginable for your furry friend!