About Us

History of Wilson Beef Farms

Jack and Ann Wilson wanted to direct market the beef they raised on their farms since 1967. So, in 1976 they turned their garage into a small cutting room, took their beef to a local slaughterhouse, trucked it back, and started cutting orders for sides. In 1980, when their son Chris graduated from college, the family built their own slaughterhouse to control that phase of the business. A large processing plant was added in 1987 to streamline the operation. Shortly after, Chris and his wife, Bernadette, purchased the business from Jack and Ann. Since then the business has expanded to include a smokehouse to allow for in-house smoking of hams and bacon as well as the production of jerky, snack sticks, hot dogs, and a wide variety of other smoked items. In addition, since 1999, venison is processed into an assortment of smoked and fresh products for hunters. In 2003 a retail store with a warm, country appeal was built at the same location to sell their locally raised, hormone-free, dry-aged beef and pork in any quantity and to display a selection of available smoked products as well. Wilson’s grows the corn to feed the 300 head of beef cattle and 500 hogs they finish yearly to supply their store. In 2006/2007 they began marketing their snack sticks and jerky products through Internet sales. To meet the increasing demand for snack sticks as fund raisers, construction of an addition to house another smokehouse was completed in the fall of 2010. Future growth and expansion is in the planning phase. Stop in or visit them on-line at www.wilsonbeeffarms.com they welcome your comments.