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Beef Cutting Instructions Fax cutting instructions to: 607-545-6177 or email to Sales@WilsonBeefFarms.com.

A front quarter of beef is sold by the hanging weight. Hanging weight is the weight of the front quarter before it is trimmed and cut. The approximate hanging weight of a front quarter is 150 lbs. The cost is $5.40 / lb. Therefore, the approximate cost of a front quarter of beef is $810.00. On a 150 lb. front quarter you will take home approximately 100 lbs. of actual meat. A front quarter of beef is cut to your specifications, however, if it is standard cut it includes the following:

4 @ 3 lb. Chuck Roasts
3 or 4 Chuck Steaks (this takes away from Chuck Roasts)
4 @ 3 lb. Arm Roasts
3 lbs. of Stew Beef
4 @ 1.5 lb. packages of Short Ribs
2 Neck Soup Bones
Approximately 14-15 Rib Steaks (@3/4″) (or you can leave this whole as Rib Roasts)
Approximately 40 lbs. of Ground Beef in 1 lb. packages.

Please call (607-545-8308 or 877-286-9706) to place your order. We will take your cutting instructions over the phone. If faxing your order is more convenient, just fill in our cutting instructions sheet and fax it to 607-545-6177. Please include a phone number where you can be reached during the day to confirm your order.

Price per lb.: $5.40

Available for Local Pickup Only – Please call to order

Prices Subject to Change